Aquatic Tug Of War Ft Lauderdale Florida GSC club challenge

Gulf Stream Sailng Club has challenged and invited the Sailing Singles of South Florida to a Aquatic Tug of War to take place in Lake Silvia, Ft Lauderdale, Florida! A raft up of two rows to have the effect of a stadium to view the best of three tugs competion. Contestants are allowed to wear PFD's or other indivdual float devices such as noodles though no group devices as in rafts. Summer Sailstice Saturday June 22nd @ 2:30 pm. Sail before and overnight anchorage optional. May the best club win!!!

2:30pm, Saturday June 22nd, 2019
33316 Ft Lauderdale , FL
United States
26° 6' 6.354" N, 80° 6' 43.704" W
Florida US

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All participants are automatically entered to win prizes!

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