Planning Ahead for Summer Sailstice 2017!

February 10, 2017 by Monica Grant

Sailors across the country, and outside the country, are flocking to our February Summer Sailstice Launch Party. Here’s just a sample of some of the individual and group plans that are registered so far...


These sailors are also our first 'Launch Party' winners and have scored themselves a Summer Sailstice Tshirt, Cap, or Burgee - They get to take their pick while the stocks last!


Ron and Debbie plan to spend the Sailstice aboard their Victory 35 Catamaran, Dessert First, cruising the Chesapeake between Baltimore and Hampton Roads. Their plan includes “rafting up with several sailing clubs along the way!”


Not exactly Ron & Debbie's boat, but you get the idea...



Dale from Ohio is keen to get the family out for some extend water time at Kelley’s Island.  

“I love getting grandchildren, nieces & nephews on the boat, having fun, and mixing up beach time, sand castles, swimming, and sailing to keep them active, tire them out, and avoid boredom! It's a great place to listen to music at a local marina, enjoy a few beverages, and spend time with family and friends."

Doug likes to crew on OPBs and is keeping his options open to join friends in Connecticut. Either way though he’ll be out on the water on June 24.

“However, if nothing else shows up for the Sailstice date, I might just be found rowing around the harbor in my dinghy.”



Captain Dave and First Mate Mel will be sailing with friends in Saco Bay, ME, and anchoring at Richmond Island or Cape Porpoise (Stage Island) depending on weather and seas.  “This will be our 4th year.”



Folsom Lake Yacht Club are hosting an overnight cruise to New York Cove

“Before you pull that sailboat out of the water, join us for the annual FLYC cruise to New York cove."

Boats will arrive at New York cove at various times and the raft up party will begin. Bring your own food and drinks along with water toys and entertainment. The club is not providing a poker prize this year, just sail out and enjoy the summer solstice on the water.

Thanks to Mark for posting this event!

Sam from South Carolina is organizing a Sunset Sail to Bombing Island to watch the famous Purple Martins.

“Leaving the home dock, sail out to Bombing Island for the sunset and early purple martin watching….”

What’s a Purple Martin you ask? Here’s a photo of one…


Well the Party isn't over yet, so get on board and register your 2017 Sailing Plans and be in the running for an Ultimate Sailing Calendar, Kala Brand Ukulele, and maybe some Summer Sailstice swag (if we don't run out first). 



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