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    Born (Newport, R.I.),into a family of sailors and boat builders, my parents, Cdr. Michael P. Smith, and Mary Ann Smith initiated all seven children into the sport of sailing through Racing, (Navy yachts,), boat building, (Rooster's), and sailing and racing circuits,. Currently, residing in OK.,(018) . At the hottest time of summer-we enjoy our time spent over ROOSTER WEEK , in Jamestown , R.I. , sailing our own Roosters among Family and Friends  We currently own and have built our own Rooster, #715, and a Puddleduck Racer, #913.  The Rooster Class Sailboat has been restored from it's original days (circa 1950's  and 60's ) , with a current Fleet of at least 10 new and restored Roosters , with 1 in the works. At present there are more Rooster builders and owners outside of the Smith family , whom through their own interest, have propelled our Goal of reinitiation of the Class Boats into the future. Further information is available on our website: Roostersailboats. com  

   As Sailstice is prior to our Rooster Sailing Event in July, I will be trying something new, just on our own, preferably also in honor of Fathers Day. The PLAN for 2019 is to experiement with an attached sail to our Tandem Kayak, not having tried that aspect of kayaking as of yet.  Family and Friends are welcome to join in our time on the water, kayak sailing, as kayaking is something we always combine with our sailing Roosters every year as well-experiencing both !   


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Rooster Class sailboa &/or-Sailing Kayak-Perception Pescador (tandem)
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