Historic Classic Sailing Vessels

Several classic sailing yachts from the renowned San Francisco Master Mariner's Benevolent Association will be available for visiting.  

Boats expected include "Makani Kai", "Tiger", and "Farida" and possibley others.  "Makani Kai" is a Hugh Angelman/ Davies designed Sea Spirit Gaff Ketch 34 feet on deck. "Tiger" is a 47 foot Pinky Schooner,a design by Howard Chapelle her lines were taken from a 1830 East Coast fishing vessel of the period,{the original "Tiger")  "Farida" is a 38 foot Colin Archer Type Ketch built in Risor Norway in 1960. Her lines are typical of the Norwegian rescue and pilot boats of the 1860's and 70's.

The 1960 ketch, 'Farida', built in Norway will be available for viewing at the docks.

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