Take a photo of all the boats rafted together for your Summer Sailstice celebration. Remember to tell us how many there were (we just want to see if you can count), tell us where you rafted up, and then tell us a little about your celebration.

Several 2019 events are including a raft up in their celebration plans - join them, or start your own. However you do it, remember to take photos.

Take a look at last year's winners:

Kim Dumas from West Coast Multihulls sat high on the mast to take her winning shot -  WestCoast Multihulls by Kim Dumas

Lake Canyon Yacht Club demonstrated great tenacity in attempting to improve
their numbers from 2017 -

Lake Canyon Yacht Club - Pirate's Progress

Melanie Klass's photo of 'Rafting up Alabama Style' with Back Bay Sailing Adventures
won 3rd place (the novelty effect was irresistable for our judges) -

Raft up Alabama Style - Back Bay Sailing Adventures

The boats don't need to be organized in any special order, they just need to be rafted up as a part of your 2019 Summer Sailstice celebration. Be creative!

Maybe you can beat this? - 

Contest commences on Saturday June 22,2019.

Closing Date: Midnight (PT) on Sunday, July 14, 2019.

Prizes to be announced.

Entries can be submitted in the following ways :- 

Email to, Post to our FB page at or Post to Instagram at  

Remember to include #sailstice19  #summersailstice in your post!

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