Summer Sailstice 2018 Tshirt Design

We're looking for a new Design for the Summer Sailstice 2018 Tshirt.

Send us your design to be in the running for a set of 2018 Summer Sailstice Swag!


We've had lots of really cool Tshirt designs over the years, but this year we thought we'd open it up to new talent and see what creative ideas you can come up with.

We're looking for something that is fun and 'easy on the eye', and represents the Summer Sailstice vision to promote sailing and unite the global sailing community in an annual celebration. 

Here are some of our previous designs. You don't have to create something similar, we're open to interesting and new designs. 

Tshirt Design 2002
Way back in the beginning (give or take a year).

And through the ages...

Tshirt Designs 2004 - 2014



Give it your best shot and show us what you come up with. Contest closes November 20th, at 5pm ET.

Here's what we've received so far:
Summer Sailstice Tshirt Design

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Summer Sailstice 2018

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