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OCC Sailing - 60 Years Strong

“It was an absolutely perfect day on the water – sunny, warm and 7+ knots of breeze. We had a terrific mix of volunteers and staff taking about 100 people sailing on our Lido 14 dinghies, Shields, Harbor 20s and of course Betty, our Catalina 42. Participants ranged in age from 15 months to 77 years. It was smiles all around.”

March 24, 2015 by JR
Featured Events, News

Marion-Bermuda Race - A Nod To The Past, A Focus On The Future

It’s not often that an inaugural sailing event – especially a long-distance ocean race – draws more than 100 entries. But that was the case with the Marion-Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race. Developed by a coalition of members from the Beverly Yacht Club (of Marion, Massachusetts), Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club of Bermuda, and the Blue Water Sailing Club – and still co-run by all three clubs - the first running of this premier cruising boat competition in 1977 drew 104 starters.

March 12, 2015 by JR

Just Imagine

Just imagine if if all sailing facilities across North America and beyond threw open their doors and invited the public to experience sailing on the longest day of the year right at the start of summer!  And then publicized it all in their local area - on Craig's List, in the local paper, in a Blog, Facebook and Twitter Feed.  All sailboats, all sailing, all together.  Summer Sailstice is the opportunity for everyone to do this for this year's 15th annual Summer Sailstice.

March 10, 2015 by John A

Safely NOT Aground

As we lined up along with 6 other sailing vessels in Marigot Bay, St. Martin awaiting the drawbridge opening we turned on Navionics tracking and verified that our transducer was feeding data into our Navionics app on our iPad. Over the last few months of cruising the Caribbean on our 39 foot Beneteau we had heard horror stories of this entrance.

March 9, 2015 by John A

Summer Sailstice Words of the Week – Familiar Phrases, Pt II

Long shot – in the old days, cannons weren’t very accurate at long range. So a long shot was always a gamble with only a slim chance of success – as it is today in common usage.

Loose Cannon – Today it means crazy person. In the days of fighting sail, it meant the craziness that happened when a two-ton cannon broke loose of its lashings and started rolling back and forth across the deck.

March 6, 2015 by JR

Win $250 in March from West Marine

It's March.  Spring is around the corner (we hope).  If you're not already in the midst of a project we're sure there's a boat project in your not-to-distant future.  Boat covers will be coming off, boats pulled out of sheds and the spring buffing begins.  This year, along with your boat project you can add a chance to win a $250 gift certificate from West Marine as they've launched a  “Do It Yourselfie!” Promotion.

March 3, 2015 by John A

Beware the Tides of March

A thousand years ago, Cnut the Great was a pretty popular guy. He’d not only stopped the Viking hoards from invading England, he eventually became king of the North Sea Empire, which included England, Denmark, Norway and part of Sweden.

March 2, 2015 by JR

Sailing In the City By the Bay

Sailing is fun anywhere, but for location-location-location, it’s hard to beat San Francisco Bay. In the summer, this natural amphitheater boasts afternoon winds in the teens or ‘20s (and sometimes more) every day. And you can’t look in any direction without witnessing spectacular vistas, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz to the place sailors call the City Front. The currents can be tricky and wind is chilly, but for most sailors, the challenges only enhance the experience.

March 2, 2015 by JR

Start Sailing Now - Who You Gonna Call?

It may interest you to know that of all the myriad avenues just a phone call away for new sailors – sailing schools, yacht clubs, community programs, dinghy days, local marinas, individual fleets, special events (such as, ahem, Summer Sailstice), and of course family and friends – the first call many newbies make is to a sailing magazine. Especially regional sailing mags, such as SpinSheet (, the excellent monthly for and by Chesapeake Bay sailors.

February 27, 2015 by JR
Sailstice Tales

IL - Chicago Sailing Celebrates Sailstice

Chicago sailing has been providing access to sailing since 1986 and, as they say on their site, they firmly believe that sailing is more than just sport, it's a way of life.  With their commitment and obvious enjoyment of sailing on Lake Michigan it's also great to see them celebrating Summer Sailstice with local partner the Columbia Yacht Club.  Here's a pic and story from their site:

Celebrating Sailstice!

February 26, 2015 by John A

More on the Kennedy's Beetle Cat and Wianno Senior Gaff Sloop

Our recent mention of a Beetle Cat once owned by the Kennedy family (Jackie bought it for John and Caroline to sail in Europe when she was married to Aristotle Onassis) elicited a reminder from a reader that James W. Graham recently released a book about the role sailing played in the lives of Jack, Bobbie and Ted.

February 24, 2015 by JR

Amazing Maritime Musings

We were cruising the other day – the internet, that is. And you know these sites where they suck you in with something like “15 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery Went Horribly Wrong”? Then when you go there, there are so many ads that you have trouble just finding the subject matter, then even more trouble trying to read it because you’re deleting all these unwanted pop-ups every 5 seconds.

February 22, 2015 by JR

Summer Sailstice Words of the Week – Familiar Phrases

Many sailing words have made their ways into everyday language. But you might be surprised at how many phrases you hear every day also came from shipboard life. Here are a few – and pay attention to how many are related to flags. In the days before radio, they were the main way ships communicated with each other and the shore.

February 18, 2015 by JR

All Sailors Are Rich - Right?

Sailors often feel they are misrepresented in the media which seems to love perpetuating the myth that sailors all rich 'yachtsmen'.  Really, where would anyone get that idea?

February 16, 2015 by John A

Clan of the Cave Run

Ask 100 people what comes to mind when you mention Kentucky and you will get lots of responses involving fine whiskey, a certain horse race at Churchill Downs, and the place they make Louisville Sluggers. Real trivia buffs might even know that Kentucky was the birthplace of, among others, Abraham Lincoln, Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp. What you would likely not hear mentioned much, if at all, is that Kentucky is a terrific place to go sailing.

February 13, 2015 by JR

Kennedy’s Childhood Sailboat up at Auction

This looks cool.  Beetle Cats are one of the great classic classes from the Northeast and here's one with a unique pedigree - a Kennedy original.  

BOSTON, MA – (February 10, 15) John Jr. and Caroline Kennedy’s childhood sailboat will be part of an upcoming live auction event by Boston, MA based RR Auction.

February 10, 2015 by John A

New Orleans Home of Sailing Saints.

New Orleans was the site of a gathering of US Sailing ‘saints’ - the people who are on the front lines of sharing sailing with the youth of America through community and youth sailing programs. The three-day event, called the US Sailing National Sailing Programs Symposium, is a professional development opportunity for anyone who runs or teaches a sailing program.

February 7, 2015 by John A

Summer Sailstice Word of the Week – Lee

Lee” has a myriad of meanings these days – alleys, blue-eyed girls, a brand of jeans. It was a type of medium tank in World War II. And it is a common first and last name over much of the world.

In the sailing world, “lee” has only one connotation – toward or on the downwind side of the boat. Ergo, “leeward” is the opposite of “windward.”

The word is thought to have originated from and Old Saxon (and French, and Norse) word meaning, literally, “shelter.”

February 6, 2015 by JR

Dinner And A Movie

While sailing is the main focus of Summer Sailstice, doing something 'sailing related' counts, too. For example, last year, Tom Perry was planning to go sailing on his home waters of San Francisco Bay aboard his Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2 with his girlfriend, Barbara. Then again, being a sailing school instructor, he sailed a lot already. So he was open to other ideas.

February 6, 2015 by JR

Our One Bridge Fiasco

San Francisco's 'Three Bridge Fiasco' run by the San Francisco Bay Singlehanded Sailing Society at times resembles San Francisco's sometimes 'loopy' Bay to Breakers Race.  A few serious racers mixed in with hordes of people just out for a good sailing parade.  With an entry list of 365 boats it was truly a Bay sailing spectacle which, with our ongoing drought, was held in near perfect weather.  It had everything but wind.

February 1, 2015 by John A

The West Coast’s Wackiest Race - by Scuttlebutt Sailing

Scuttlebutt editor Craig Leweck tells of 'the fiasco' - now with 369 boats signed up to start on Saturday:

If the mission of an event is to maximize participation, the first step might be to throw out the highly refined race management manual. Setting perfect start lines for perfect windward-leeward courses is fine for the hard-core racers, but not as much for the casual competitor.

January 29, 2015 by John A

Pet Projects

Did you catch the news item about the “pet” stingray that entertains visitors to a marina in New Zealand? These days, Brutus attracts almost as many stingray lovers as berthers to Gulf Harbor Marina, on the North Island. One of a group of rays that have cruised the harbor for years, it's only in the last year in a half that Brutus has realized that being really friendly has it perks.

January 28, 2015 by JR

Summer Sailstice Destinations - Hobie Island Club Bulgaria

Wondering what to do for the upcoming Summer Sailstice? In the next few months, we'll feature some fun stuff other people have done in the past that may give you ideas for this year. First up, one of the best-kept secrets in sailing – Bulgaria.

January 26, 2015 by John A

Winter Solstice GoPro Winner!

We had some good entries for our Winter Solstice GoPro Prize contest and the winner is Dana from Seattle!  

She shares her tale:

Dark and Stormy Sail

January 21, 2015 by Abby

Word(s) of the Week: Starboard and Port

And Therein Lies the Confusion The language of sailing is confusing enough to newbies, but there were times when it was confusing to longtime sailor men, too. Consider exhibits A and B: starboard and port.

January 21, 2015 by JR

Maiden Voyages - Terrific or Terrifying? It's Up To You

Many people new to Summer Sailstice ask the same question: “What exactly do I do?” Our answer is simple: “Go sailing.” That's it. On June 20 – the longest day of the year (aka the Summer Solstice), just cast off the docklines and go. It doesn't matter where or for how long. If you sign up on the website here, you become eligible to win some cool prizes.

January 13, 2015 by JR

Other People's Boats - Cruising With TSC, Inc.

Among the early sign-ups for Summer Sailstice 2015 is The Sailing Club, Inc., homeported - sort of - in Morristown, New Jersey. (More on that in a minute.) This will be TSC's second year with Sailstice, and the 2014 plan worked so well, they're going to do the exact same thing this year: On Saturday, June 20, Depart Rock Hall, MD, in chartered boats, head to the Miles River on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay, and pick a good creek for a raft-up.

January 8, 2015 by JR

Summer Sailstice Word of the Week - Gam

Raft-ups are one of the most popular ways to celebrate Summer Sailstice. Tying a bunch of often-dissimilar boats together in rows – or the ever-popular circle - takes a bit of finesse, but the social and photographic aspects are worth it, even if a bit of gelcoat gets chipped here and there. If you celebrate that way this summer, use lots of fenders and please send photos.

January 7, 2015 by JR

Growing Participation - Midwest Women's Sailing Conference

One of the best things about Summer Sailstice is connecting with all the people and organizations who are introducing new people to sailing. The Midwest Women's Sailing Conference is one of those great organzations and the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center is one of the great facilities.

January 4, 2015 by John A

Solstices – Ours, Mine and Theirs

If you're aware enough of Summer Sailstice to have visited this site, or participated in past Sailstices, you're aware of the simple concept: get as many people as possible out sailing on the weekend nearest the Summer Solstice, which takes place June 20-21 in the northern hemisphere.

December 18, 2014 by JR

Nautical Wheelers

When the founders of Summer Sailstice conceived the idea back in 2001 of getting as many people as possible sailing on the first day of summer - aka the Solstice – they never specified it had to be on water. While the vast majority of participants do partake in boats, last year a group of fun-loving speed freaks folded the Sailstice into their annual Roundup racing series, sailing on a “lake” that hasn't seen significant water since mammoths waded in for a drink.

December 12, 2014 by JR

Tallship Volunteers - If You Come, They Will Build It

Ratty, the resident boat expert in Wind In the Willows, said it best: “There is absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simple messing around in boats.”

So how do sailors mess around in boats when they're not sailing? Well, one way for upwards of 150 folks in and around the San Francisco Bay Area is joining the volunteer crew building the tallship Matthew Turner, currently under construction in Sausalito.

December 10, 2014 by JR

New York Times Sailing Video Report IMOCA Ocean Masters

We're always happy to see positive and inspiring news of sailing in the major media. So, it was terrific to find on the New York Times home page today, November 21, 2014, a feature, 17 minute video of the New York-Barcelona IMOCA Ocean Masters race from reporter, Chris Museler, who was 'embedded' aboard Hugo Boss with American sailor Ryan Breymaier and solo sailor Pepe Ribes - who both teamed up for the double-handed race.

November 22, 2014 by John A

Sailboat Rescue

One of the best opportunities for new people to get into sailing is to visit 'Craig's List' and restore a boat that's been languishing in a field.  Yes, it might require some parts, some work and some elbow grease but many of today's sailors started when 'do-it-yourself' was the only way go.  

October 22, 2014 by John A

Massapoag Sunfish Fleets Celebrated

The longest day of the summer brought a mixing of finishes in the Sunfish fleet today. For the first time in almost a year, the Laser fleet showed up just to make things interesting. There were extreme wind shifts. There was carnage at the starting line as boats were starting and finishing at the same time. There were number scores and letter scores, a disqualification, and almost everyone who showed up took a first.

September 22, 2014 by John A

Save The Date - 2015

September 23 is the fall Equinox and, for many, the 2014 sailing season is winding down. Read our fall newsletter with a look ahead to planning your weekend of June 20, 2015 Summer Sailstice sailing.  

Otherwise we hope you're out sailing today for Bart's Bash or have some other great reason to be on the water this weekend.   


September 21, 2014 by John A

Summer Whale Tales from Monterey Bay

Summer Sailstice participant, Esta Lee Albright, sailed his Ranger 26 'Valkyrie' out of Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club to enjoy some summer sailing after the Sailstice.  There was much more to enjoy than just sailing:

September 12, 2014 by John A
Sailstice Tales, News

Burgas Bay, Pomorie, Bulgaria – “Hobie Island Club Bulgaria!”

Burgas Bay, Pomorie, Bulgaria – “Hobie Island Club Bulgaria!”  

“Even after a deadly storm in Varna the night before our sailing plans- we firmly decided to sail from Sunny Beach to Pomorie for the annual regatta and take part in Summer Sailstice 2014.

September 5, 2014 by Abby
Sailstice Tales, News

Summer Sailstice 2014 Aboard Sirocco, a 43’ J/130

Every year in June our club, Oceanside Yacht Club, schedules a cruise/race to Dana Point, California which is 21 miles north of our harbor.  As luck would have it, the 2014 edition of this event fell on the Summer Sailstice weekend.  When the club received the notice announcing this year’s Sailstice, one of our members entered the club’s cruise/race on the event website and we signed up, n

September 5, 2014 by Abby
Sailstice Tales, News

Gilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico “Hobie Island Club Puerto Rico!”

LOCATION: Gilligan’s Island, Puerto Rico

“Summer Sailing Get-a-way!”                     

Captain Gilberto “Tuto” Rivera said, "We Sailed out to a well-known, offshore  area called Gilligan’s Island.

It's been amazing being part of a worldwide event such as Summer Sailstice. Coming from such a small island on the Caribbean, makes us feel proud of doing what we love."

September 5, 2014 by Abby

Fun First: Second Annual Galiano Sailing Regatta

Summer Sailstice mission is to showcase the full spectrum of sailing which, for just about all participants, is a form a recreation.  It's a race, a cruise, an adventure or challenge but as a foundation to it all is satisfaction, enjoyment, pleasure.  Summer Sailstice booster, Liz Chandler, passed on a notice of race she received from the Pacific Northwest which goes for the fun first.

September 3, 2014 by John A
Sailing Inspiration, News

We’re on a Sailing Mission…Why?

Sailors are the same everywhere and so incredibly different. In a social environment you discover most sailors participate with passion they want to share – often with endless stories at the bar or more often by introducing friends, family and others to sailing. Yet, once they get to the dock, how they sail – race, cruise, tall ship or dinghy tends to splinter them into minute factions with narrow interests to promote. How are they the same?

August 31, 2014 by John A
Sailstice Tales, News

Winner of Nautical Jewellry

Mia won the piece of Nautical Jewellery and is the editor of the Sailing Club Newsletter ( ). She shares the story from trip leader Mary Ann below: 

August 30, 2014 by Abby
Prizes, Sailstice Tales, News

Sailstice tales and prize winners across the world!

As the 2014 summer sailing season closes we have completed the prize drawing, sent award notices and have received many great stories back! Here's a sampling from  few happy winners:

August 30, 2014 by Abby

Annie Gardner Double Sailstice Celebration

Eat, Sail, Love - the wedding of Annie Gardner and Eric White:

August 15, 2014 by John A

Sail for a Great Cause with Great Sailors

Long-term Summer Sailstice supporter, Offshore Sailing School, is celebrating their 50th Anniversary with a Celebrity Pro-Am Regatta, January 8-10, 2015 on Ft. Myers Beach, Florida, to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

August 11, 2014 by John A
Sailstice Tales, News

Hobie Islands Celebrate Summer Sailstice

CALIFORNIA – Southwind Hobie Island Sailors, Newport Beach, CA.

Hobie Dealer: Southwind Kayak Center    

August 6, 2014 by Abby

Winner of Harken Gear bag

Dave is the winner of the Harken Gear Bag and shared some pictures of sailing in Nebraska with us!

'June 21 was a all club raft up, food was passed, friends we're made, and a sunset like no other was seen. The Summersailstice is always on our list, and the club makes plans for it. look on facebook for Branched Oak Yacht Club.'

July 29, 2014 by Abby

Photo Contest Winners!

We had some great entries to the photo contest this year! The conditions ranged from foggy to windless to sunny and 15kts!  People celebrated in group and by themselves  It was hard to pick just one so we added some runner up prizes!!!

July 21, 2014 by Abby

All Day Long - Cruising Compass from the Pacific Nowrthwest

Cruising Compass Editor Andrew Cross recalls Summer Sailstice 2013 as he looked forward to 2014:

July 20, 2014 by John A