CA - Orange Coast College In Newport Beach Celebrates Sailing

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July 19, 2012 by John A

How did it go at Orange Coast College? Mette Segerblom, Sailing Program Coorinator, wrote in to give us a quick glimpse of the OCC waterfront: 'It was an absolutely perfect day on the water – sunny, warm and 7+ knots of breeze. We had a terrific mix of volunteers and staff taking about 100 people sailing on our Lido 14 dinghies, Shields, Harbor 20s and of course Betty (Catalina 42). Participants ranged in age from 15 month to 77 and well over 100 people all together. It was smiles all around. Several families joined us and one little boy just didn’t feel like sailing the Lido until he found a new friend in the crowd and the two of them went together with one of our junior instructors and had a great time.'

'Thank you for having had such a great idea how ever many years ago. It was a lot of fun to open up our facility to a free day of sailing and hot dogs of course. We look forward to participating again next year.'

If you don't know about Orange Coast College sailing you should know they are among the nation’s largest public boating education programs, annually enrolling 5,000 people of all ages in classes, seminars, and voyages. More than 60 staff members help achieve our mission. OCC is dedicated to providing access to excellence in boating education. A hallmark of OCC programs is its comprehensiveness. We offer courses in virtually all aspects of sailing, powerboating, seamanship, and navigation.  Check out OCC:

Welcome to OCC - you're going to celebrate sailing with us today!

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The fleet is ready and OCC took 100 people sailing for Summer Sailstice on a picture perfect day!

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