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June 2, 2011 by John A

In 2011, join Summer Sailstice and support Sailors for the Sea. Sailors for the Sea is the only organization working nationally with the boating community on issues of ocean health. Pledge now!

Marine life and vital coastal habitats are straining under the increasing pressure of global use. The ocean, which was once considered inexhaustible and resilient, is, in fact, finite and fragile.

Sailors for the Sea educates and engages the boating community in the worldwide protection of the oceans. The boating community has a profound passion for - and understanding of - the world's seas and Sailors for the Sea was founded to galvanize the sailing and boating community around ocean health issues.

David Rockefeller, Jr., an avid racing sailor and deeply committed to the environment, founded Sailors for the Sea as a direct result of his work on the Pew Oceans Commission that identified profound and alarming ocean health issues. The list of these issues is extensive and includes marine debris, overfishing, habitat alteration and degradation, non-point source pollution, invasive species and inconsistent ocean management policies.

Sailors for the Sea core programs include Clean Regattas, Ocean Watch Essays, Certified Sea Friendly, and Rainy Day Kits. Our nationwide Clean Regattas program assists and certifies yacht clubs and regatta organizers as providing clean events that minimize impacts upon our oceans. The web-based Ocean Watch Essays program provides informative essays on current ocean conservation issues as well as resources for further information and engagement with stewardship activities. The Certified Sea Friendly program will create in association with the maritime industry a voluntary, LEED-style certification program for recreational vessels. This program has the potential to transform the marine manufacturing industry and make the design, construction, maintenance and operation of vessels more environmentally friendly.Rainy Day Kits for environmental education are lesson plans focused on marine ecology that can be taught to young sailors in yacht clubs and sailing programs around the country. The kits provide a clear connection to and understanding of the marine ecosystems that thrive beneath their hulls.

Additionally, Sailors for the Sea works with many organizations to leverage the effectiveness of our programs and projects. This includes Team 11th Hour Racing, a collaboration between Sailors for the Sea and the 11th Hour Project that encourages sustainable practices on the water and at the regattas in which they participate. The release of a powerful documentary film co-sponsored by our organization entitled A Sea Change, which focuses on ocean acidification. Sailors for the Sea is also a co-supporter of the Around the Americas expedition, a circumnavigation of North and South America by sail that raised awareness of ocean conservation issues.

Sailors for the Sea invites you to learn more about our programs, ponder the role you can play in making a difference and then consider how you might help Sailors for the Sea build awareness of ocean issues and improve your local ocean waters. Become a member. Introduce Clean Regattas to your club or race organizers. Consider a contribution by visiting our donation page. The oceans are at risk, but there are many ways to save them.

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All sailors sailing are encouraged to partner with Sailors for the Sea to protect the world's oceans.

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