Three Day Weekend For Full Moon Solstice

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May 27, 2016 by John A

The solstice was chosen for a global celebration of sailing because it's an awesome weekend to sail!  It is the official start of the  summer with the most daylight hours of the year for the vast majority of the world's sailors (sorry, not all!).  Plus celestial navigation with sun, moon, stars are an essential aspect of the sailing heritage.  And schools out.  And, again, it's summer.  

But this year there's another great reason.  A full moon!  If you extend your Summer Sailstice sailing weekend through the actual solstice on Monday, according to, Monday, June 20th is both the solstice and a full moon which means it should be pretty nice on Saturday evening the 18th but only getting better through Monday night.  Just in case you need some help getting Monday off we've written up the 'official Summer Sailstice 3-day weekend certificate' so sailing 'lunatics' can extend their sailing adventure through the full moon on Monday night.


Download your official Summer Sailstice 3-day weekend 'Sail Pass'.

It's not every solstice you get a full moon and it's a reminder that sunset is no reason to stop sailing. For further discussion on the 400 year lunar cycle you can click here

Click on Timeanddate to find out your local solar noon and your local full moon. Then stay out to sail and howl.

A supermoon rose over Charleston, SC on Summer Sailstice 2013


BVI 'supermoon' for Summer Sailstice 2013!


The Lake Wissota YC in Wisconsin at 44N is planning a Full Moon Summer Sailstice sail and bbq.  A long, sunny day with a short night to celebrate!


 If you're DJ for the night Tom Petty and Full Moon Fever should fit into your evening's musical line-up.


Sunset is no reason to stop sailing!

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