Putting the “Global” in the Global Celebration of Sailing in El Salvador

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July 21, 2015 by Hannah A

One thing we definitely love about Summer Sailstice is how it brings people from around the world together in celebration of a shared love: sailing. And down in the warmer climate of El Salvador, a group of cruisers sure knew how to celebrate in a global manner. Bill and Jean, organizers of the annual El Salvador rally, enjoyed the Sailstice with cruisers from eight different countries! Hailing from what seems like all corners of the globe, these sailors came from South Africa, Canada, USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, and Guatemala.


It addition to having a diverse group, these cruisers also found a unique way to participate in the Sailstice by choosing “to practice the often overlooked, but highly technical sailing skill of drifting.” They did so by roping their dinghies together and drifting around with the incoming tide… We’re glad to hear people are working hard on this and hope that this global group can spread such an important skill around the world once they’ve all returned to their respective homeland. But in all seriousness, their celebration embodies one of the great things we love about sailing, how it allows us all to sit back, relax and let ourselves be carried away.

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