Chesapeake Jeanneau Sailors Raft Up for Summer Sailstice

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July 26, 2018 by Monica

Jeanneau sailors in the Chesapeake region got together for an 'up close and personal' Summer Sailstice 2018 celebration.

Sailors Paul and Karen Novak created the event and on Sailstice eve (Friday, June 22) were joined by eight other boats for the first of two raft ups. We're sharing their story from Spin Sheet Magazine...

JSO Summer Sailstice 2018 Extravaganza

Jeanneau Owners Enjoy the Sailstice Together

The June event for the Jeanneau Sailboat Owners (JSO) Chesapeake Chapter was a summer sailstice raftup extravaganza. Hosted by Paul and Karen Novak, members were provided with two opportunities to raft up. The first day began with a nine-boat raft up on Friday, June 22 at Eagle Cove off the Magothy River. After what seemed like a very long string of rainy, cloudy weekends, this event scheduled for June found us with near perfect weather. It was sunny, breezy, and cool enough to be quite comfortable, especially being away from air conditioning.
Jeanneau Sailboat Owners - Chesapeake

Our rather large raft up provided considerable entertainment in the Cove as we began to drag anchor. This necessitated shifting the anchor position to one of the larger boats and everyone shuffling around to again tie up. Two of the boats remained tied together, and, in unison maneuvered back into position quite nicely, requiring some coordination between the two captains. 

On Saturday morning, Karen shared hot pastries with everyone for a nice breakfast treat. Participants spent a leisurely morning with boats departing as their schedules required. On Saturday, members had a delightful sail to Harris Creek where three boats rafted together at Waterhole Cove.

And what happened then?...  Read the full story about the JSO Summer Sailstice 2018 Extravaganza at SpinSheet Magazine.



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