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GoSun is a young company on a mission to “feed the world, and bolster energy, independence and social equality", and what began as a desire for a hot lunch, has evolved into a global enterprise resuting in GoSun becoming the leading name in fuel-free cooking. 

Since the day GoSun founder, Patrick Sherwin, discovered that vacuum tubes could roast his lunch, GoSun has succeeding in delivering thousands of solar powered stoves across 40 countries. And now GoSun is offering Summer Sailstice sailors the chance to win the GoSun Sport - the perfect cooker for your boat. Being solar powered means you don't have to worry about flammable fuels, plus it's light weight!

Here are the stove's Key Features:

  • Cooks a meal in 20 minutes (in full sunlight)
  • Heats up to 550° F (280° C)
  • Works through freezing, partially cloudy weather or light overcast
  • Stays hot for hours (It's essentially a Thermos)
  • Always cool to touch
  • Tastes rich and high moisture (well that's for you to decided)

But how does it work?  The tube is made of Borosilicate glass (like Pyrex) with a triple layer absorptive coating on the outside of the inside tube. The layers are: Aluminum nitrile - which converts light to infrared radiation, stainless steel - which moves the heat around evenly, and copper to trap in the IR radiation. Learn more about How It Works.

Not only is GoSun combating global warming through a significant reduction in the use of fossil fuels, the company is also giving back to the environment through it’s partnership with ‘Trees for the Future.’ GoSun plants 20 trees for every GoSun stove sold!  We want to ensure that our “footprint” is emission free all the way back to the manufacture of our ovens.

GoSun is also helping to change people's lives by empowering communities through health, safety and education.

This all makes GoSun a great orgnaization to support. So help them give back and go check out their complete range of solar powered stoves. You might win one if you sign up for Summer Sailstice and post your sailing plans, but if you don't, you now have everything you need to get online and get a GoSun Stove for your boat!




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