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Grow your fleet, grow your club, grow sailing.  Share the fun, grow the fun when you unite your club, class or fleet behind the global celebration of sailing.  There's no one way to do it - race, cruise, daysail or rendezvous. See some of the 2014 events here.  All together, when we sail locally and celebrate globally, we'll have a great time while showcasing the very best of sailing.

Event Help and Tools:

Use the links below to get pre-written copy you can use in an evite, in your newsletter or to publicize your event plus additional ideas to create a fantastic Summer Sailstice event for your organization. 

Once a year, one weekend of your sailing adventures on the map to capture a 'day in the life of sailing'.  Just do it and have fun when you connect with the world in a global sailing celebration.  How to make your event a Sailors for the Sea 'Clean Regatta'.

Make Summer Sailstice a three-day weekend!  Download this note to get to get out of work for a Summer Sailstice holiday!

Promotional Art - so you can invite the world to join you sailing.  Use these web banners or ads on your website, in your email blast or in your printed newsletter:

Web Banner Ads - download for your website:

1/4 and 1/2 Page Print Display ads for your newsletter:

1/4 page

1/2 page

Award Your Kids (Yourself) a 'ParticipatIon Award': Download Here

Let participants in your event know, when they sign up and RSVP to your event they have a chance to win a BVI charter and other prizes from this iist!

Go Ahead: Add your event now.

Ideas for your Sailstice

Make your event a 'green event' by following the Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta guidelines.

Here are some ideas for you to adopt as you start to plan your next Summer Sailstice celebration:

Social Events

  • Summer Sailstice Swinging Singles
  • Summer Sailstice Raft Up Barbeque
  • Summer Sailstice Flotilla Cruise or Rendezvous

Boat Related

  • Boat Fixing Clinic
  • New Sailor Open House
  • Summer Sailstice “Try a Hobie” Day

For the Kids (or for those who refuse to grow up)

  • Sponge Tag on the Water
  • Dinghy Jousting
  • Relay Races
  • Football on the Water

Fire a canon or horns at your local solar noon.  For exact lat/long calculation try the NOAA calculator.  Or try this celestial site:  Firing a noisemaker at your local solar noon passes the baton to the sailors in next longititude.  It carries on for 24 hours as the sun crosses the globe and sails are hoisted around the world. Or use this calculator:

And here's a list of sailing songs to take to sea

Other Creative Ideas from Summer Sailstice past participants:

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