Hidden Harbor Yacht Club Summer Sailstice

1:00pm, Saturday June 22nd
The annual "A-Whole" sailing race on an up and back course in the California Delta. No handicaps, no classes, and no seriousness. Just who has the fastest sailboat. Following the race. members and guests of the Hidden Harbor Yacht Club will be having a potluck. Eating, drinking, dancing and a general summer frolic. G-rated, all in good fun
United States
38° 11' 1.4388" N, 121° 39' 22.572" W

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Easy Stow Fenders
America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association Membership
Datrex Inflatable Radar Reflector
Ronstan Clear Start Watch
Lunatecgear, Trekr and Scrubr
Ontario Sailor Magazine


Don't ever sail between the Raven and the channel marker....................

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