AVCSP in Peru

12:00am, Saturday June 22nd, 2013

Join in this fun Sunfish racing event in Paracas - Peru! AVSCP stands for Asociación de Veleros Clase Sunfish del Perú (Peruvian Sunfish Class Sailboats Association), which belongs to Peru. Peru is not a big destination for sailors, and we are just few sailors compared to almost any country, but we do have several world and regional trophies and "we" just won the Antigua Sailing Week with the "Kuankun" vessel, also peruvian. Paracas is the best sailing area in Peru because of its strong winds and islands scenery, and it's also a beautiful beach resort.

Learn more at: http://www.sunfishperu.org

More on international Sunfish Regattas:  http://www.sunfishclass.org/regattas/2013-06-01

If interested, you can also check more of Peru's sailing activities:

For J/24 class: www.j24peru.org/pages/inicio.php

For Cruisers racing : www.avop.org/pages/inicio.php

12° 4' 56.2656" S, 77° 8' 6.036" W

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