2016 "Sea Creatures" Summer Party Raftup

9:00am, Saturday June 11th, 2016

Presented by the Unofficial Washed Up Yacht Club.

We had 26 boats rafted up in a circle (sunflower) for 2014. Last year, had 32 boats, a floating dance floor, and 2 weddings. Can we get up to 50 boats this year?!?

Invite everyone you know who has a boat (or floating pool toy).

Everyone attending this event needs to be invited by a boat Captain*. All of the Captains need to be responsible for the people they invite. Make sure you know what boat you're with. 

Vessels staying more than 24 hours need to get a short-term stay permit. It's a super easy process, just fill out this online form. 


Facebook link for more details:  


Clipper Cove SF , CA
United States
37° 48' 53.532" N, 122° 22' 3.4752" W
California US

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All participants are automatically entered to win prizes!

Spinlock - Deckvest LITE+
Commander's weather
Commanders' Weather
SailorBags - Win the "coolest" bag ever.
Sail and win a hat from Flying Scot.
Good Old Boat
UK Sailmakers