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Yacht clubs do a fantastic job of organizing current sailing activities and inspiring future generations of sailors. Summer Sailstice was created to help all clubs do something together to grow participation in sailing by connecting all sailors on the water on the summer solstice, the longest sailing day of the year.

Founded in 2001, the annual Summer Sailstice event creates an opportunity for Yacht Clubs to both add new members while connecting current sailing members locally while sharing a celebration with sailors around the world.  Does it align with your club mission statement?  Read yacht club mission statements here (you may find or recognize yours!)

Creating an event is easy! We have designed invitations, Press Releases and posters to make it simple for you to start your own event, to invite your membership and to put you club on the map for this global sailing celebration.  Your event can be members only, an open house, a race, cruise or whatever best suits you on this one weekend.  But your participation is critical to givng the world an accurate view of sailing.

Step 1 – Partner program, if you would like to team up with Summer Sailstice
Step 2 – Invitation to your yacht club members
Step 3 – Press Release to send to the local media in June
Step 4 – Printable Poster, or Printable poster with blank space for your local event details.
Step 5 – Link button for your website
Step 6 - 1/4 page & 1/2 page newsletter ad
Step 7 - Bulk Order Discount form for Summer Sailstice T-shirt, hat and burgees

Web Banner Ads - download for your website:


A Summer Sailstice event at your yacht club can:

Create an inclusive event which brings all members together to celebrate the reason they are members (sailing) and promote club use that weekend

Serve as the perfect platform for launching a new member open house introducing them to your Yacht Club

Create a Summer Sailstice competition, parade, destination cruise or regatta to showcases the boats in your Yacht Club

Create an opportunity for sister yacht clubs or transoceanic club to celebrate sailing ‘together’

Serve as the “event hook” for a junior program fund raiser

Provide expanded awareness and publicity to your club via promotion of your event on the Summer Sailstice website

And by encouraging your yacht club members to sign up on the Summer Sailstice website, you automatically give them a chance to win over 200 prizes for participating in this fun, global celebration. Members will love winning and together we can publish who won what!

Go Ahead: Add your event now.

Find out more about planning this year’s Summer Sailstice Event for your Yacht Club:

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