Event Tools for Sailing Clubs and Schools

Summer Sailstice was created to help all sailors connect on the water on the summer solstice, the longest sailing day of the year.

The annual Summer Sailstice event creates a new, fun sailing opportunity for Sailing Schools and clubs to introduce their programs to new students while also raising the interest of existing members/students in club yacht charters. This is an excellent way to expand your reach within your local area with an event that celebrates the value of sailing to everyone – from beginners to old salts.

Creating an event is easy! We have templates for invitations, press releases and posters to make it simple for you to start your own event, to invite your membership, get media attention and join in this global sailing celebration.  Plus everyone knows the date and there's already a huge pool of great prizes for everyone who signs up with you!

Step 1 – Invitation, adapt to send to your sailing organization members
Step 2 – Press Release, adapt to send to your local media (send in May/June)
Step 3 – Printable Poster, or Printable poster with blank space for your local event details. 
Step 4 - Downloadable Newsletter ad - 1/4 page or 1/2 page
Step 5 – Bulk Order Discount form for Summer Sailstice T-shirt, hat and burgees
Step 6 -  Partner program, if you would like to team up with Summer Sailstice
Step 7 - Link button for your website

A Summer Sailstice event at your Sailing School or Sailing Club can:

Create an inclusive event which brings all school participants together to celebrate the reason they joined your sailing program.

Serve as the perfect platform for launching an open house for potential new students which introduces them to your facilities, benefits and existing program participants

Provide expanded awareness and publicity to your School via promotion of your event on the Summer Sailstice website

Create an opportunity for sister clubs and schools to celebrate sailing ‘together’

Serve as the “event hook” for the launch of a new class, charter program or just a reason to showcase your club facilities through hosting a party of ‘got-to-get-on-the-water’ sailors!

And by encouraging your students to sign up on the Summer Sailstice website, you automatically give them a chance to win over 400 prizes for participating in this fun, global celebration.  They will love winning and you can later publish who won what!

Go Ahead: Add your event now.

Find out more about planning this year’s Summer Sailstice Event for your Sailing School or Club:

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