Thanks Navionics, for Helping Us Find Our Way on the Water!

April 20, 2017 by Monica Grant

The name Navionics is well known to sailors, power boaters, fisherman, and land-based adventurers such as skiers, hikers and cyclists, and even pilots. But how much does anyone actually know about Navionics, and how the company came to create the most used navigation aids across the world?

Navionics President and Founder, Giuseppe Carnevali, was a trained naval architect and engineer. During a his time with the Italian Navy, Carnevali mastered advanced navigation techniques, which he later used to create the world’s first electronic chart device - in 1984 the ‘Geonav’ was launched, and so to was Navionics. Geonay was the first device that could be bought ‘off the shelf’ and would actually work: a revolution that some compared to the introduction of the magnetic compass. Navionics has since grown from a two-man operation, to a team which provides expertise in navigation services and sales across the globe, with physical bases in USA, Italy and India. 

The Geonav, circa 1984.

So how did Navionics come up with the best navigation products, and the world’s largest database of marine and lake charts available on the market today?

Navionics believes that the people who need their products are among the best people to ask for advice. In fact one of the company’s mottos is, “Want better charts? Go boating.”

‘What makes the difference is the fact that we all are avid boaters, skiers and outdoors people, we all are our own customers, we all use and test our products for our own hobbies, which means the difference between products designed by engineers for the use by engineers, and products made by users for the benefit of everyday people.’

The Navionics engineering team is a unique mix of long-experienced people, as well young brains still in school, who are responsible for developing the technologies that are constantly a few years ahead of the competition, but at the same time are easy and enjoyable to use by any outdoors person.

Accordingly, the production team is a highly skilled group of people who know the importance of using technology wherever possible to increase quality and productivity, but also recognize the superiority of the human factor and the passion that makes the difference between a product and a good product.

But that’s not where it stops. Navionics recognizes the value of hands-on experience and feedback, and enlists the help of people just like you and me to ensure they are providing the best possible products. 

‘Over the years we have developed a network of professional anglers, charter captains and guides who use, and rely on, Navionics products almost every day. Not only do they test our products, make suggestions for improvement, point out their concerns, they also educate others in its use, via seminars, trainings, and conversations at the boat ramp and in the boat.’

In 2001, Navionics president and founder, Giuseppe Carnevali started the Navionics Foundation - a non-profit organization that supports schools and educational programs in Hyderabad, India. Carnevali wanted to address the extreme poverty of the slums by offering education and opportunity to children otherwise condemned to illiteracy. The program is primarily supported by Navionics and operates in partnership with the Indian Government Education Office in Hyderabad. Donations are also accepted from private and public organizations and individuals.

Navionics supports its customers by providing a large support network, which includes online How-to articles and User-tips, Compatibility Guides, Tutorials, and Webinars. Here's a Webinar by Carnevali himself!  And today, the Navionics product range has expended to include numerous items such as Electronics, Safety Equipment, Vessel Systems and Maintenance Equipment - they even have gear for Ice Fishing!

Whatever sport or activity you’re into, it’s worth taking a look at Navionics and getting your hands on their navigation and other products. And if you do it before June 24, you’ll probably have everything you need to find your way back to the dock after your Summer Sailstice celebrations!

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