Send Your Best Summer Pic On The Fall Equinox

September 22, 2016 by John A
Today/s equinox means a 12 hour day everywhere on the planet and is also the day we invite you to send in your best summer sailing photo.  Celestial navigators know the equinox means the sun is directly over the equator at high noon and, regardless of your latitude, the time between sunrise and sunset is about 12 hours. From now until the winter solstice on December 21st the Southern Hemisphere will enjoy sunlight longer than 12 hours and the North shorter than 12 hours.  On December 21st the process reverses and we start the 6 month countdown to Summer Sailstice 2017 on the weekend of June 24/25.  2017 event sign-ups open November 1st.
Right now, in the Northern hemisphere, many cruisers are heading South with the sun and in the Southern Hemisphere longer days mean sailors from Cape Town to Rio to Melbourne and Auckland are heading into the peak sailing season. How will you sail in the season ahead?
Send Your Best 2016 Sailing Photo
Adventuress Sailing in San Diego recently captured this captivating sunset shot.  Have a sailing pic to share?
Send your best 2016 sailing season photo to Monica for a chance to win a Summer Sailstice prize package.  Deadline September 30th.

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