Help 'Sailors for the Sea' Save our Oceans

March 12, 2017 by Monica Grant

No matter where you sail, the oceans provide for you every single day. It supplies half the air we breathe; distributes heat around the globe, and is a primary source of protein for 2.6 billion people. 
But humans have damaged this precious resource with plastic pollution; overfishing and we are even changing the chemistry of the ocean. But there is an organization working with sailors to change this! Sailors for the Sea is on a mission to engage boaters in protecting the waters they love.

Sailors for the Sea has created four programs to educate and empower the sailing and boating community about ocean health issues and provide tangible solutions to protect the ocean.

  • By engaging 3,733 people every day in our programs – that’s over 1.3 million people each year
  • Providing marine science education materials to over 100,000 teachers and students
  • Utilizing media to broadcast our message of empowerment and action to achieve 289 million media impressions in 2016
  • Using regattas in 30 countries and 32 states as a platform to inform more than 400,000 sailors about ocean health issues and engage them in sustainability initiatives
  • Addressing culturally relevant issues through our affiliates in Chile, Japan and Portugal 

Our small team of seven works diligently to affect big change for the ocean – but we can’t make our goals a reality without your help. We need to be on the front lines at more regattas, put more tools into the hands of educators and sailors and provide relevant and timely information for people to take action.
That takes resources.
As we begin 2017, we need you by our side - every day. Join us as an Ocean Sustainer by pledging to be a monthly donor. Together we can create greater impact than ever before

For pennies a day you can become an Ocean Sustainer and start making every day count for the ocean. As a founding member of our Ocean Sustainers program, we will send you a special thank you so you can represent your love for the ocean!


Donors will receive a small thank you for their generous support

  • Gifts of $15 a month – Print copy of Ocean Watch Magazine & stainless steel straw
  • Gifts of $30 a month – Stainless steel water bottle
  • Gifts of $50 a month – Organic cotton ball cap
  • Gift of $100+ a month – All of the above plus a limited-edition t-shirt


Thank you for joining the race to restore ocean health.



R. Mark Davis


President, Sailors for the Sea




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