Amazing 4 Days of Sailing

July 10, 2016 by John A

Shelly Willard and Randall von Wedel of the Corinthian Yacht Club in San Francisco got in the spirit of celebrating sailing by making it a four-day event.  That's still too short when you're having a good time but so much better than not being there at all. 

Shelly sent photos and details of idyllic looking Summer Sailstice weekend. 

Boat: Oceana, Halberg Rassy 33

Sailors: Randall von Wedel & Shelly Willard

Club: Corinthian YC, Tiburon CA

Thank you for an amazing SS weekend - I sailed 4 days in a row on the SF Bay (Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon), far exceeding any other weekend. As you know, the weather was amazing. 

Friday June 17:  Just after Friday night races start, I take out one of the club's Cal 20’s with a new member. I thought she was more experienced than me, but soon realize she isn't. We did great (due to stubborn persistence and reasonable conditions), and we both came back feeling like…WOW, we did it! Score!

Saturday June 18:  Unusually clear, hot weather in SF, we rush to get out sailing!  Load up Randall's boat in Pt Richmond and cross over Raccoon Strait to Corinthian YC. There are loads of boats out there, we enjoy the weather, spectacular clouds,

 and view, great sailing, and stay out until wind dies. Why isn’t EVERYONE out here??? They couldn’t ask for a better day.  Notice hat in this photo! —>

Sunday June 19 - We sail the boat to a special party for sailors, including many esteemed long-time Knarr racers. We sail over, change to dressy clothes, and dinghy to a private dock to enjoy a once in a lifetime gathering of sailing  friends in a home that is chock full of memories of sailing on the Bay: the RJCYC. The afternoon couldn’t be more perfect (starting with a perfect disembarkation with dressy duds and gifts intact, while those watching approve our graceful maneuvering). A truly once-in-a-lifetime afternoon: gracious hosts, incomparable setting, congenial company (of course, they are mostly sailors!). 



Did I mention how amazing the setting was?  Overlooking the SF Bay, the Corinthian YC on the left, and Oceana off the dock. We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful afternoon - above the SF Bay with dear, old friends who love to sail.

When the party’s over we start to head home, but can’t resist sailing more under such perfect conditions. We spontaneously decide to anchor at Angel Island for the night, next to a sole Catalina. Summer Sailstice weekend has been so fantastic we will keep it going one more day! After all, the moon will be full in ~24 hours and we can’t miss it.  We anchor near Alaya Cove and hike Angel Island at dusk. Clouds and view are incomparable, we think. Yes, that’s Oceana down there!


Monday June 20 we wake to a still Bay, have a tasty breakfast while motoring back across the Bay, encountering only a Ferry, fishing boat and couple sailboats like us, who couldn’t bear to cut such a perfect weekend short. 

This weekend could not have been better or more beautiful. Grazie, Gracias, et Merci a Summer Sailstice!

Shelly Willard & Randall von Wedel

Thank you John, truly inspired by you! We’re sure you had a good weekend also.  I want to buy a 2016 SS burgee!


Of course, thanks for the story and generous thoughts but aren't we truly all inspired by sailing?  In the midst of a restive, population 7 million urban area it's just amazing what a transformation is available to when you step off the shore and onto the Bay.  The magic of sailing shines on a weekend like this!  Thanks for the story and photos. 

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